The Decision

Regular readers will recall our 'mystery story' of a few weeks ago.  In a nutshell, my daughter was checking her blood sugar on a variety of meters at school and came up with numbers ranging from 140-348.  What I left out of that post was the tail end of the episode.  As we left the nurse's office, for her to return to class and me to try to remember what I had been doing before the phone rang, my daughter made a statement.

"This is why I need a CGM {continuous glucose monitor}."

We'd been talking about it on and off for a year.  The endocrinologist had given us his two cents and was ready to write a prescription if and when we decided to get one.  A friend of my daughter's got one a little less than a year ago and we'd both been watching her experience and asking lots of questions.  We'd been online, looking at the company's website and at personal experiences of bloggers.

We'd been going through a series of mysterious and challenging numbers. I was increasingly ready for Dexcom's graphs, predictions and trends, but we still had some reservations.

These doubts had mostly to do with having another 'site.'  How much would it hurt going in? Where would it go on her slim little body? Would it show under shirts?  Ballet leotards?  Bathing suits?  Would she care?  How much?  Would it be uncomfortable?  Would it get in the way?

There was also the matter of another device to carry.  She's already carrying a meter kit, juice box and cell phone. All of this fits into a cute little purse not too bulky to carry around at school or to a friend's house. The Dexcom receiver is small, but add a protective case of some sort and it gets bigger.  Would she need to ask Santa for a purse as big as she is?

Because these concerns were important to my daughter, they were important to me.  I needed her to tell me that she was willing to accept the discomfort and responsibility which would come with wearing another device.  I needed her to want it not just because it would help me and her medical team manage her blood sugars better.  It was important that she realize how it would help her in everyday situations, and indeed she did.

"This is why I need a CGM," she said.  That was all I needed.  I went straight home and picked up the phone.  We now own a CGM.  In fact (spoiler alert for future posts) she's wearing it right now.

And so far she likes it.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! We see the endo on Friday and we are hoping that we will get a referral for a Dexcom. Since it's so new in Canada we have to pay up front and then submit to insurance but that means that just maybe we will have it before Christmas! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Dexcom as well as your daughter's thoughts. My girl is 10 and has been pumping for almost a year (also a ping) and was dx almost 2yrs ago.


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