First Impressions

While it's just a few days 'til Christmas and I have mile long to-do list, I wanted to share just a few first thoughts about our new Dexcom.  Better formulated thoughts, perhaps even in complete and proper sentences, will follow after the first of the year.

What I like:  
  • Finding trends and trying to fix them
  • Knowing what happened during the school day
  • High and low alarms
  • Not worrying about her sleeping in
  • Not checking a million times the day she had a stomach bug

What I don't like:
  • The adhesive needs to be supplemented early and often.
  • The receiver has spotty service in our bedroom. 
  • The inserter is still scary.

What my daughter likes:
  • The trend arrows help for better decision-making before gym, sledding, etc.
  • A quick glance shows if a correction or low treatment is working
  • Knowing it will alarm if she's low or high

What my daughter doesn't like:
  • The sensor is awkward under a leotard
  • Inserting a new sensor is scary (though the second time was better than the first)
  • Worrying about the adhesive and whether she needs to add tape so it doesn't fall off

After the first one fell off (it had outlived its intended lifespan so it was fine) I wasn't sure what we'd do.  Our original agreement was that she didn't have to wear it all the time, that breaks were o.k.  All the pros and cons above are hopefully interesting and helpful, but the bottom line is this:

My daughter couldn't wait to start up a new sensor.  She was concerned she didn't have it while sledding at a friend's house.  "I wish I'd known which way that 102 was going, Mom."  If she likes it and finds it useful, then it's a keeper.

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