World Diabetes Day 2013

My daughter is excited about World Diabetes Day this year.   

She made postcards similar to the one above to send to 5 people around the country.  

She's wearing blue from head to toe (almost...she'd now like a pair of blue shoes).

Her second-ever instagram post went up last night.  She posted an image reading 'wear blue tomorrow for world diabetes day!'  

She scrolled through images tagged #WDD this morning, liking and sharing. She was excited to find so many and excited to post her own later this afternoon.

She's intrigued by the idea of buildings lit in blue tonight and other unique events to raise awareness around the globe.

She's planning to do the big blue test in gym.

She likes that there's a day set aside to spread the word about diabetes and why we need a cure.

I love that she wants to do all these things.  I love that she's not embarrassed to advocate for herself and the rest of the people in the world who live with diabetes.

May we learn from her example and find a way to raise awareness today, particularly beyond those who are already well aware of the challenges diabetes brings.

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