For Me

This is where needed to be yesterday afternoon.  The 'to do' list was as endless as always but in a flash of wisdom I realized I needed to take a few minutes for myself.

It's been a long week. With my husband traveling, diabetes has been my responsibility alone. He generally takes late evening checks and every other overnight.  As a person who needs her sleep, I'm dragging. During daylight hours, I've been working through the paperwork for a Dexcom system, analyzing new trends in blood sugar numbers in child who's grown an inch in one month, and troubleshooting my fair share of random incidents such as this one.  

I could have done many things in the hour before school pick-up yesterday. I chose to take a walk.Views like the one above, the sound of ducks quacking, and the wind at my back were what I needed. The exercise sent me back energized despite my sleeplessness. 

I often forget to do things like this for myself, to fuel myself up for the journey. It's never the wrong choice though.  The to do list will still be there when I get back and I'll be better equipped to tackle it.

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