Trick-or-Treating ON Halloween!

It's been 3 years since my daughter has gone trick-or-treating on Halloween.  First there was a freak snowstorm that put our town out of commission for a week.  Then there was Sandy.  Each year a different night was designated for trick-or-treat, but the experience lost some of its luster with the delay and the lingering damage we walked through as we navigated the sidewalks.

Below is the post I put together after last year's "Halloween." It shares our candy allocation system, which will be the same this year.  Rereading it, though, I was particularly struck by how it highlights our Halloween philosophy.  It's not about the candy.  It's about wearing a fun costume, being with friends and visiting neighbors. Combine those factors with the excitement of going out ON Halloween night, and tonight should be spookily delightful.

No...this post isn't late.  It's only the day after Halloween at our house.  Our sense of time and connection to the rest of the world continues to be altered a bit from the after-effects of Sandy.

Glad for the opportunity to trick or treat, my daughter the witch met up with a blue and green striped monster and a werewolf for a some fun last night.

As is our tradition, we came home and sorted the winnings into four piles:

From left to right, we begin with the dish of candy to keep and enjoy over the next week.  Next is the container of fast-acting carbs like smarties, sweet tarts and nerds.  Third is the container of pretzels and chips, great to throw in the lunch box or to snack on.  Last is the bag from which my husband and I will pull a few favorites before the rest gets donated.

I often get asked if Halloween is hard for my child because of diabetes.  I have two answers.  First, I clarify that she can enjoy candy in moderation.  Then I talk about all of the other fun aspects of Halloween like costumes, pumpkins, being a little spooked, enjoying friends, and walking around after dark.  Last night, we walked around a neighborhood which had only had power back for about 24 hours.  People were so happy to have the kids come by and to catch up with their neighbors. Doing something so fun and frivolous after the week we'd had made this Halloween extra special.

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