It's all a blur.

Today's my first day this week back on the internet, catching up on the non-storm related events of the past week. 

Apparently Halloween happened.  I've seen lots of facebook pictures of friends' kids in cute costumes.

It seems the candidates are still campaigning for an election next week.  There are contingencies for me to vote in a national guard truck of some kind, which could be interesting.

There's also the matter of Diabetes Awareness Month beginning yesterday.  I think last year I posted every weekday in November.   Perhaps that will seem more realistic next week.

Meanwhile, we are happy for home and family.  We're relishing the resumption of all of our utilities.  The fact that we still have half a tank of gas and a running refrigerator with food to prepare puts us miles ahead of half our town and most of our surrounding geography.  We're enjoying unusual amounts of company with neighbors taking us up on our offers of heat and electricity. 

Next week we begin anew. Halloween might be on Monday.  Power will continue to be slowly restored and trees removed from our town.  School, work, and blogging will take on relevance for our family once more.

Meanwhile, we'll celebrate all that we have and seek more ways to help those who have lost so much.  It's my hope that you will do the same.

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  1. So glad to hear you and your family are well - thank you for the update!


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