Most stories posted here and titled 'sick' would describe a home littered with test strips.  They would include details about ketones and wild blood sugar fluctuations.  

This story has a different angle.  I am the one who's sick.  This is day 4 of the illness, and I've decided it's likely I'll survive it.  The doctor visit confirmed it's 'just a virus,' but it's the worst I've felt in a long time. 

I've spent three days managing the activity of my household from one corner of the sofa.  I am surrounded by tissues, drinks, phones, reading material and the remote.  Yesterday, I managed to take my daughter to ballet class after school. Upon returning home I felt as though I'd run a marathon.

Unable to muster the energy for much thought, let alone activity, it's been necessary to prioritize. Despite sore throat and cold medicine induced delirium, there were still balanced meals to be made, carbs to be counted, sites to be changed, and blood sugars to be carefully considered.  Unlike the rest of my daily activities, this part could not stop for a couple of days until I felt better.

My daughter has been an enormously good sport.  While we usually share responsibility for making breakfast and packing lunch, and for managing the diabetes aspects of snacks and meals, she's taken most if it on herself.  She'll go out to the kitchen and count out her snack, appearing at my sofa-nest to confirm her bolus before giving it. She's been helpful with meal preparation and with responsibly testing her blood sugar and adding her carbs before eating.  Yet the questionable blood sugars were mine to decide how to treat, and site change had to be done.

It doesn't stop, this diabetes stuff.  So hopefully this illness will, so I can get back to my pancreas duties and my daughter can get back to being a kid.


  1. Not to rub salt in the wound, but I do believe you are living my nightmare! I don't think I've been sick since diabetes arrived. I am very afraid. But you + yours are managing beautifully!

    Your daughter sounds PERFECT...they way she's doing the calculating but still confirming the bolus with you. That's how I aspire to run my future sick week. A child like yours would allow me to stay horizontal (mmm, how lovely to have a sofa nest!) without worrying about a 15 unit dose that should have been a 1.5.

    I know you'll feel better soon. I wish I could help.

    1. For better or worse, the almost 10 (ack) years of experience do make this easier, and probably me less crazed about it. The cold medicine makes me less crazed least in an agitated way. But really, we just find a way to muddle through it...because we have to!


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