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Re-purposing a tic-tac box for used test strips keeps (most of) them out of the bottom of the bag!

Until about a month ago, we carried our diabetes supplies in their original containers.  The  meter, lancet and strips went in the meter case, with bits of tissue and a roll of smarties.  Then there was a container of glucose tabs.  And a juice box.  And a separate bag with glucagon, a syringe, spare strips, spare batteries and more smarties.

It took us almost 10 years, but we finally realized there was a better choice.  I invested all of about $10 in this cheerful little make-up case from Target, and now it's all together.

We were inspired by a friend who re-purposed a cute pencil case for her supplies.  Why not keep these things we use so many times per day in something more fun than a black case?

We were also inspired by a greater need to keep all of these items in one place.  It is increasingly common for my daughter to go places without me and my giant purse.  She now does not need to rummage through the giant purse for the odds and ends of diabetes care, transferring them to a giant tote bag of her own.  They are now all together in this handy bag for her to grab and go.  We even chose this design over the flowery one so my husband could carry it more proudly for the walk to the library or around the park. 

A great improvement in the fun and functionality of daily diabetes drudgery.  For only $10!

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  1. OMG TicTac brilliance!

    Did you see Reyna's re-used strip containers used to hold 12g CHO shots of Nerds?

    1. Shots of nerds...yum! The TicTac box idea was my daughter's, after she saw someone use an altoid tin for strips. Just a little easier to open and close without leaking strips.


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