It was 8:45 on Halloween. The doorbell hadn't rung for almost an hour. And then it did. We paused Survivor, and my daughter got up to greet the trick-or-treaters. She had enjoyed her door-answering responsibility all night, and I was glad to let her get up one more time.

Peeking through the living room window, she recognized a life-long friend at the door, dressed as Kim Kardashian.

She opened the door, and I could hear another voice, in addition to my daughter's and Kim's. There was a little chatting about the nice weather and what the girls had acquired in their travels. "There was a house handing out apples. Honeycrisp ones though, which are amazing, so I guess if I wash it I can eat it?"

My daughter then offered as much of our loot as the girls wanted to take. We didn't have as many kids as usual, and so generosity was in order.

"Are you sure? Thanks so much," Kim Kardashian exclaimed.

"Ugh, my mom won't let me eat most of it anyway," replied the other voice, which I was still trying to place.

"Take the airheads" was my daughter's quick response. "They're great for low blood sugars!"

Now, of course, I was able to narrow down which friend was accompanying Kim Kardashian on her rounds.

"Ha! Yes- I will! My mom buys terrible glucose tabs at Costco. I can't stand them."

Now Kim Kardashian's friend has a nice stash of airheads for her low blood sugar needs.

Who says Halloween and diabetes can't go well together?

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  1. good for your daughter and what a great use for airheads. I am all over sneakers bars myself.


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