Another Wait

The Dexcom G6 finally arrived last week, after a wait which was entirely too long.

And yet, we've decided to put off using it.

There are still 3 Dexcom G4 sensors here, and we've decided to use them up.

The wait is, in most respects, really hard. It's like getting a new toy on Christmas morning and not getting to play with it until February. Why would we torture ourselves like this?

We have our reasons:

We are grateful for what we have, and don't want to waste the G4 sensors. We're certain that once the switch is made, there's no way my daughter will want to go back to the G4 for a few weeks to use up the old supplies.

We feel much more comfortable with supplies in reserve. By waiting a couple of weeks, we build up a few extra G6 sensors in the supply closet for a rainy day.

We want to take the time to start it and to set it up right. Because of our family's marching band commitments, time is at a premium in October.  We're waiting for a quiet evening, or weekend morning, to sit and learn the minimal but important basics of insertion and sensor start-up, download the apps and software, and learn how to use them. That might not be until November.

And the most trivial reason? The Dexcom receiver fits perfectly in the tiny pocket of the marching band uniform jacket, and my daughter's phone (which will be her new receiver) does not. Waiting until next year to solve that problem, which will likely involve some stealthy sewing, feels easier.

So we wait, the box of G6 stuff taunting us from the corner of the dining room.

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  1. I do not know about the others, but for me keeping supplies ahead is the thing that guides most of my decisions


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