The Edgpark Order that Won't Die

We placed our initial Edgepark order in March. The details of that ordeal are here, if you'd like to read the beginning of this story.

I returned two of the three items in that shipment on April 11th, using the return label sent to me by Edgepark, because they were not items my daughter uses, nor were they the items prescribed.

I subsequently received a bill for the Verio Test strips I'd returned. When I called, the representative said to disregard the bill. Edgepark was in the process of 'billing the return' with our insurance.

Ignore it I did, along with a couple of subsequent, identical bills I received in quick succession.

Mid-summer, after another bill, I called and was told again to disregard it.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month. I placed an order for a new Dexcom G6 system.

I then received an email telling me I had an outstanding bill. I called and was told once again to disregard it.

Two weeks later, I followed up, since there'd been no word on the G6. They'd just processed the order with the doctor's prescription, I was told, and it would be shipping from the Ohio warehouse within 24 hours. It would be at my house by Friday via FedEx. It was very specific information.

I then received another bill, for a higher amount than the previous ones, and a subsequent email warning me that no further orders would ship until I had resolved my delinquent account with the Edgepark billing department.

So I called. Yes, I was told, they had 'billed the return' and refunded my account $63.60 for the test strips. I acknowledged that as a good start, but then noted that I had paid them $288, and that they were now sending me bills for over $400. It was an unproductive conversation which ended in the representative telling me she was sending March's whole order and subsequent billing back for a 'full review.'

So, did that mean my upcoming order would be cleared to ship? "Oh- yes - that wouldn't have been on hold anyway."

Today, still no word on the Dexcom, so I went onto the patient portal to check the status. There were 'urgent alerts' posted warning me that no further orders could be processed until I paid my outstanding bill of what was now two hundred-something dollars.

An hour phone call, piles of explanation-of-benefits and bills reviewed, and lots of math later I agreed with the billing representative that the current number was correct. In (very) short, the original billing on the one item I did keep (Dexcom G4 sensors) was also incorrect, not in my favor, and that error was reflected on a subsequent explanation of benefits in July. After the whole day's bills were sent back for review, my account was credited with the rest of the Verio money Edgepark owed me, in order to pay for part of the cost of the Dexcom sensors. I still owed the balance for those supplies.

I paid the bill then and there on the phone.

My daughter's Dexcom G6, the third person in so many weeks told me, is on its way. She's, once again, really looking forward to getting it. It seems highly unlikely to me that there isn't at least one more phone call involved in this. And then, of course, the next set of bills...

Stay tuned.

And if you have a choice to get supplies from someone other than Edgepark, do.

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  1. Oh I can top that one. Mine is that I ordered an item, received it and it was paid for in full. Time goes on and guess what? 2 years later I get not just a bill but a collection notice. Wait a collection notice? Oh it took a few days but it went away a few days later, but damn what was this about. Psst. I need a cool antacid just thinking of it.


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