Why Not A Dozen?

I live in Suburbia, USA and I'm worried about diabetes.

I'm worried about the future of access to quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare.

I'm worried about whether current diabetes treatments are enough to lead to long-term health.

I'm worried about whether there will ever be a diabetes cure for anybody but mice.

I'm worried about the financial cost of diabetes care.

I'm worried about the emotional cost of diabetes care.

I'm worried about the daily to-do list of living with diabetes.

 You Can Spare A Rose By Clicking Here

Then I imagine being a mother of a child with diabetes in Syria. Or Sudan. Or Rwanda.

Their children are dying from having diabetes.

My daily worries pale in comparison.

Fortunately it's February and I'm reminded regularly of the work of Life for a Child. 

One rose for one month of life. A dozen roses for a year of life.

Eliminate one rose from your traditional Valentine's bouquet and donate $5.

Or follow my husband's lead and eliminate the whole dozen.

Roses die and children shouldn't.

One of the best ways I've found to reduce worry is to do something.

Saving the life of a child seems like a pretty good thing to do.

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  1. Sheryl says I better not be buying roses. I know she means it too.


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