Little Things

Some years, the 504 meeting has been formal and dedicated to big-ticket issues like being allowed to use a glucometer in the classroom or the procedures for standardized testing accommodations. 

This years issues are more trivial:

When a nurse is assigned to be present at an extra-curricular activity, could someone let my daughter know who it is?  Somehow this seemingly important step is being missed. My daughter usually takes care of her diabetes stuff on her own at after-school events and texts me if there's an issue, but if someone's being paid to help her, why not at least let her know who it is and where to go for help?

And, in what may seem to be a counter-intuitive follow-up question, could we please just put in the 504 that she is allowed to use her cell phone for diabetes purposes at extra-curricular activities?  The reality is that she does, and that the staff in charge of these programs know she does and are perfectly okay with it.  The school cell phone policy is that kids can use their phones at after school activities with permission from the person running them.  All I'm really asking is that that permission be granted through the 504 instead of her potentially getting caught texting me by an unfamiliar teacher involved in the play practice.

I'm incredibly grateful that things are going well and that there's nothing major to discuss.  But with an opportunity to sit down and advocate for my daughter to have a school experience as unencumbered by diabetes as possible, I figure it doesn't hurt to bring up little things.


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