Halloween is Fun

Anyone who tells you Halloween with diabetes is no big deal is stretching the truth.  Ditto for anyone who tells you Halloween with diabetes is the worst thing ever.  It's somewhere in between.  Here are some suggestions based on how we've tackled the Halloween challenge over the years:

Make the costume a big deal.  I made several costumes for my daughter over the years even though I do not sew and have never been the crafty type.  But she got to be exactly what she wanted to be despite there being no commercially sold options.  And she knew it was a very special and unique situation for mom to have a needle and thread in hand.

Decorate your house, get some cute Halloween books, and enjoy the silly-spooky parts of the season.


Participate in Halloween events.  Carve a pumpkin.  Go in costume to the Halloween story time at the library, or the town Halloween parade.  Host a Halloween party. 

Go trick-or-treating.  And point out that the fun of trick-or-treating is not only in the candy, but in walking around the neighborhood after dark with family or friends.  It's showing off your costume, and seeing what the littler or bigger kids on your block are wearing too.

Have a candy plan.  It doesn't matter what it is, just have one so expectations are managed. Ours (yours will be different) is this: 

Eat a few pieces on Halloween night- she's always low from walking the neighborhood so the amount will vary, but she usually needs some starburst or skittles to keep her going and has a couple of chocolate things upon returning home.  Save one piece per how many years old you are to eat slowly over the coming week or two- this is a completely arbitrary rule I invented when she was about 7, but it has remained the law of the land.  Keep the snack stuff- pretzels, chips, etc.  Pre-braces, also keep the sugarless gum.  Give mom and dad a few of their favorites and give grandpa all of the york peppermint patties.  Turn in the rest to a local dentist who will pay $2 per pound and who will then ship it to the troops oversees.

Yes...the whole season is a one landmine after another of candy and cupcakes and donuts punch that looks like blood and more candy.  And when you live a life of 'everything in moderation,' it means you'll find yourself saying 'no' on a regular basis.  We've found, though, that saying 'yes' to all of the other fun stuff can soften the 'no' quite a bit.

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