We love our annual Cape Cod vacation. The chance to slow down, take long walks, sit on the beach, read in a hammock and do jigsaw puzzles is a rare opportunity for which we are grateful.

Dexi does not like this trip at all. This was the second year we've brought her along and the second year she's bailed out on us.

Daily visits to the pool at home have shortened the length of use for sensors to 6-7 days this summer vs. our usual 10 or more. I have no complaints about that.

But there's something about salt water. Or maybe it's the steady 100% humidity.   Is it the sweat from walks and runs and ball games? Perhaps the layer of sand which had somehow accumulated under the tape was the final straw?

The lack of Dexi data was ok.  The lack of beeping was heavenly, and a break from constantly checking the number and graph was nice too. 

But if anyone has a Dex that doesn't mind the beach, I'd love to hear how you make that happen!

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