I'm Doing What?

For reasons we're not privy to, the regular middle school nurse has not been at school lately.  Instead, the school has been offering a 'nurse of the day' program for the past 2-3 weeks.  Since we're in our 8th year of school nurse use in this district, we're very familiar with the substitute nurse rotation and with the regular nurses on staff throughout town.  My daughter has seen most of them as the school year closes down.  She was particularly happy to see a couple of faces she hadn't seen since elementary school.

Then the day finally came when the list had been exhausted and a new face appeared.  Loosely in my child's own words with animated facial expressions to match, this was the experience:

I walked into the nurse's office and there was a nurse there I'd never met.  She was wearing silver leggings- like sparkly, really-, a white shirt with a black cloud on it, and a very bright neon yellow sweater.  I went straight to my box of stuff and started to check just like I always do.  She didn't say hello but she was just staring at me.

"I have diabetes," I said.  "It's my lunch time."

"Oh, so you're monitoring your blood glucose then?"



And um...yes, this phrase is sticking around.  Prior to all meals and other checking scenarios, we'll make sure to remind my child to 'monitor her blood glucose.'  It's very, very important stuff.

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