What Happened in Vegas

Last week's spring break adventure was a colossal road trip beginning and ending in Las Vegas.  As usual, we dragged diabetes along for the ride.  Between the restaurant food and the time change, there was an incredibly wide range of blood sugar numbers but thankfully no major disasters.  Until the last night of our trip.

My daughter's blood sugar was an amazing one-something-something after thoroughly enjoying the Golden Nugget buffet. We checked out the light show on Freemont Street and then walked back to our room leaving the remaining adults our party to enjoy the casino before bed.

No alarms were set.  We relied on the Dexcom to alert us of any problems.  At 4 a.m., it buzzed.  The first buzz is supposed to mean she's crested over 200, and that's what the graph showed.

I located the meter and the flashlight.  '505' read on the meter screen.  It was so far from what the Dexcom said, I thought there must be buffet residue on her fingers.  I wiped a different finger as clean as I could.  '485.'  So, in my less than awake state, I plugged that number into the meter remote and gave a bolus.  Then I thought about it.  Something must be wrong.

Indeed, a glance at the site confirmed it was done for: a bloody mess.  So, at 4 a.m. in a casino hotel room, I dug out a new set and woke her up.  She further confirmed she was very high by immediately chugging half a water bottle.  We inserted a new site by flashlight so we wouldn't fully awaken my husband. Why didn't we just do it in the bright light of the bathroom, you might ask?  We were half asleep, clearly, since the idea didn't occur to me until just now.

I then guessed at another correction dose, balanced by what might or might not have gone into the bad site a few minutes before.  She was in good shape by the morning, and in the end I'm grateful that it didn't happen earlier in the trip.  I wouldn't have wanted to be overtired here:

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  1. Glad you were awake for that amazing view! Whenever we pack for holidays diabetes always has to come along and create havoc. Hope the rest of the trip was better!


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