The Dexcom buzzed incessantly for days.

Friday: High.  High.  High.

All weekend, Monday, Tuesday: High.

It was like we'd swapped out the insulin in the pump cartridge for simple syrup.

We tried every trick in the book:

Site change?  High.

New insulin?  High.

Walk around a museum for 4 hours (which has never failed to result in a low)?  High.

Walk around the mall (also tried and true).  High.

Another site change.  High.

Up the basals.  High.

Rage bolus, repeatedly.  High.

When she wasn't across the alarm line of the Dexcom, she was skirting it and dropped below the mid-100's only twice over several days.

Then suddenly after dinner last night?  120.

All night:  120-150.

This morning:  115.

Why?  I can't be sure but I think perhaps the hormone factory ceased its overtime production.

Since last week, she's been HUNGRY like only a 13 year old can be.  And she's been 13 like only a 13 year old can be.  A scientific explanation of growth hormone and puberty, and of their impact on blood sugars can be found here.

A less scientific description can be found above.

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