A Break

The circumstances were not great. My daughter and husband ended up traveling without me over Christmas. A local relative needed me close by. They were gone for 3 days and nights during which I spent good quality time including playing many games of Scrabble with the aforementioned relative, caught up on my reading and binge watched HGTV.  It wasn't the worst Christmas I've ever had, nor was it the best.

What was unique about it was going 3 days and nights without diabetes.  This is a luxury my daughter and millions like her may never have.  As a  parent, I've never had it either until now.

The sleep was the highlight.  I can't remember the last time I slept through the night more than 1 night in a row.  Except maybe when I was so sick I couldn't haul myself out of bed anyway.  It's truly amazing what 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep can do for a person.  I felt rested when I opened my eyes.  I felt less scattered. I didn't yawn throughout the day.  I didn't even finish my usual allotment of coffee in the morning.

Perhaps it was a combination of the sleep and the lack of diabetes questions (o.k.- and maybe being home alone), but my concentration improved.  I read for hours without moving from the sofa.  I started and finished a few small projects without jumping between them or leaving them for another day.  I got up, made coffee, ate breakfast, checked the news and left the house without doing a single math problem.

I ate 10 meals without counting a single carbohydrate. I had lunch out without menu negotiations or french fry approximations. I ate a bagel without anyone looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes because she knows they're horrific for her blood sugar and she only indulges about twice a year.  I snacked without making two equal bowls of 12 carbs of crackers to go with the hummus.  I ate at 4 in the afternoon once, and 7:30 at night the next day.

I often wonder where I'd be if diabetes hadn't entered the picture.  This was just a small glimpse of the possibilities.  Evidence shows I'd be well rested.  I'd get more accomplished in a more orderly fashion.  I'd have time to read.  I wouldn't count my food.

I sure missed the kid who has the diabetes though.  I'd give up bagels forever for her.

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