Time Suck

A sampling of annoying events from the past few summer days:

I received a lunchtime phone call from the beloved nurse-free music program.  "I'm 72.  How should I bolus?"  The question took several minutes to sort out.

While at the pool, she had to stop to disconnect or reconnect her pump while her friends were already running for the diving boards/ping-pong table/snack bar.  This scene repeats several times daily.

She had to leave her friends in the pool to treat a low blood sugar.

We delayed leaving for the pool to replace the tape on the Dexcom.

We delayed leaving for music to add tape to the Dexcom.

I spent half an hour online searching for tips to keep the Dexcom stuck when frequently submerged in a swimming pool, lake or ocean.  (Suggestions are still welcome...).

We expected to do a quick site change, only to find that the pump battery needed to be replaced and the supply of wipes needed to be replenished from the downstairs closet.

A desire for a summer peach turned into an ordeal involving the food scale and the calorie king app since it was the first peach of the season and we couldn't remember the carbs.

A group of friends descended on the kitchen for a snack break.  She was the last to eat, as usual, since she had to stop to check her blood sugar, read the nutrition label, and bolus for her food.

A cure and/or a bionic pancreas will some day dramatically improve my daughter's health.  That, in the big picture, is the reason we want these things.

The other benefits are indisputable though.  When the day comes, we'll go through every day without any of these kinds of stops and detours.  She'll stop being the one lagging behind at the pool.  She'll dive into her friend's pantry right along with everyone else.  Diabetes won't delay the fun.  We can't wait.

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