I Didn't Mean To Be Rude

As a parent of a child with diabetes who is not constantly within 50 yards of me, I am dependent upon my cell phone.

It is within earshot whenever my daughter is not.

I'm incredibly grateful for this technology.  It allows me to be out and about doing my thing while she's doing hers.

The issue is that my cell phone rings often.  When it does, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I need to pay attention to it.  If it is the school or my daughter calling, I need to answer it.

As a result,

I am the woman blocking the aisle in the grocery store while completely focused on her phone conversation.

I am the woman texting during the concert.

I am the woman who didn't politely interact with the cashier at Target.

I am the woman answering her phone while on a date with her husband at a quiet romantic restaurant.

I am the woman texting in the dentist's chair.

I am the woman whose phone call interrupted the meeting. Twice.

When I am able, I make a quiet apology for the interruption my phone use has caused.  Sometimes, if
I know the situation could repeat itself, such as in a meeting, or during a long dental procedure, I'll briefly explain my behavior. 

More often those around me are left assuming I'm just terribly inconsiderate.  To those fellow restaurant patrons, concert goers, and grocery shoppers, I offer the following by way of explanation:

I'm sorry for altering the romantic atmosphere/creating a brief moment of light in the dark theater/standing in front of your favorite cereal.  It was my daughter on the phone.  She has diabetes.  She was calling because she had a low blood sugar/her pump was alarming/someone brought cupcakes for the class.  She needed immediate medical advice. 

I didn't mean to be rude.

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