I had a post almost finished for today when I looked at the keywords people have put into search engines to find this blog.  'How to carve a chocolate rabbit' brought not one, but two people to the following post this past weekend:

Every year, the Easter Bunny brings my daughter a chocolate rabbit. He seems to understand that while candy isn’t a part of her everyday diet, Easter should be an exception to the rule. And that if there should be an exception to the rule, it should come in the form of chocolate.

This year’s rabbit, pictured here, was originally 6 inches tall.

Now slightly shorter (and harder of hearing), his ears were solid, but most of the rest of him is hollow. Made of dark chocolate, he weighed 4 ounces yesterday afternoon.

Calorie King tells me dark chocolate has 13.5 grams of carbohydrate per ounce. Information is power, of course, but I can’t conceive of how I’d carve this guy up into 4 completely equal pieces. I’d need some sort of engineering degree. And if I cut him up, she’d miss out on the fun of biting the ears off, an opportunity every chocolate bunny eater should have.

So, for the record, I'd recommend NOT carving a chocolate rabbit at all. If you must, do so at your own risk of both injury and bunny owner disappointment.

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