Last week, I announced my intention to explore new territory as far as pump sites were concerned.

Monday evening, I informed my daughter of this plan.  I followed my own advice and began with an explanation of the medical importance of site rotation. She'd heard the spiel before and understood.  I made sure there would be plenty of time to choose among three possible locations, and for both of us to work up our courage.  I laid out the reward system.

Despite my thorough approach, I expected a different reaction.  Reluctance.  Fear.  Tears.  Outright refusal.  All were possibilities.  As a rule, suggestions of new areas have been stubbornly vetoed in the past.

Instead I heard, "You mean I really get a prize every time?"

Never underestimate the power of tic-tacs or plastic penguin plates in convincing an 11 year old to try something new.

"Yes...as long as it's a new spot."

"And if we do 4 in row, we really get to go out for frozen yogurt?"

"Yep...we really do."

"O.K., but I'm only doing it for the prizes."

We've started with small excursions from the comfort zone. She was surprised to find she liked the area near her hip quite a bit. We tried a higher spot, and a lower one, experimenting to see what was comfortable.

We'll continue on with these small steps for a while, essentially expanding the current circle by 3-4 inches.

Eventually, I plan to throw in a really new spot (belly, thigh) as one of the three choices.  She won't choose it, but she'll think about it. Then I'll up the ante again.  Big rewards for entirely new body parts, and back to the usual prize every 3 times for the expanded territory.

Provided the next site change is successful, we're off to the frozen yogurt shop for a reward.  Since my own prize is now in sight, I might be brave enough to try her hip again.  Angling the insertion set there felt precarious, but in the end, it worked out fine.  Practice makes perfect.

Unlike my daughter, the prizes are not my primary motivator here.  Her health is my first concern. Yet, the truth is, I'm already wondering if there will be a fun new seasonal yogurt flavor to try.

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