Yes, it's after Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean thankfulness has to end.  Diabetes-wise, I am of course thankful for insulin, technology, good medical care, health insurance, and living in a country where these things are accessible to me.  On a daily basis, though, I tend to think smaller.  Below are a few little diabetes things which have made me happy this month:

My daughter got a cute postcard from the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange.

We discovered an awful looking site which must have just gone bad.  Seeing the problem early on allowed us to better manage the ensuing blood sugar spike.

Despite some highs and lows during the day, my daughter has been waking up in the low 100's pretty consistently of late.  Starting the day there provides hope for the subsequent hours.

A great technician drew my daughter's blood at the lab 2 weeks ago. He was friendly and kind. He was also efficient and incredibly skilled at finding a vein.

Texting pictures of plates of food was very successful.  As a bonus, it's fun to consider the bizarre museum display we could create with them some day.

The green pump still surprises me with its lack of pinkness.

We had the knowledge and the equipment to allow my daughter to enjoy everything on the table on Thanksgiving day.

Diabetes often leaves us little to be thankful for.  People with diabetes and their families have a lot on their plates.  Worry, exhaustion, physical discomfort in many forms, financial burdens, frustration and much more come into play on a daily basis.  It's a worthwhile survival tactic to rejoice in the little bits of diabetes happiness which come our way.

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  1. I think it would be a very cool project to make a museum type display, or something, of all of the food pics! That's a great idea!


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