No D Day...Ha!

George over at Ninjabetic organized yesterday's 'No D Day' event.   Diabetes bloggers were, for a day, to imagine that diabetes was not in the picture and to write about something else dear to their hearts.  The latter was accomplished.  The part about imagining there was no such luck.

It was a diabetes-heavy day.   The school guidance counselor was busy pulling out my daughter's 504 plan.  The e-mail came mid-morning, requesting a meeting this week to review its contents.  This was followed by a flurry of activity. The meeting was set up.  I dug out last year's version for review.  I spent time on the phone with another diabetes mom from the school, comparing notes.  I carefully considered both independently and with my daughter what needed to be changed in this year's plan.

As I was out photographing my zinnias, the phone rang.  A pseudo-low blood sugar had sidetracked my daughter on the way to lunch.  What was my opinion on treating it?  A burst of diabetes-math resulted in a solution.

Envisioning the busy week stretching ahead of us, it became clear that our annual JDRF walk letter needed to be worked on yesterday as well.  My daughter and I collaborated on it after school.  Some serious diabetes conversation ensued, followed by a site change. 

I love the concept of No D Day.  It reminds us that we are multi-faceted people, with wide ranging interests.  It reminds us of our hope for future days and years and lifetimes without diabetes.

Until then, it's always there, and it's rarely up to us when it will demand our full attention. Meanwhile, I'll settle for laughing at the irony of its intrusion on my No D Day, and go outside to weed my flower garden.

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