The phone rang at 10:45 a.m., flashing the school's number on the caller i.d.  It's always with a sense of dread that I answer calls from school.  But, of course, I do.


"Yes...hi."  (Who else would be answering?)

"I finished my whole lunch."  (Brunch?)

"O.k.  Good?"  (I was struggling to get the tone.  Was this good news or bad?)

"I'm still hungry.  And the nurse has some pretzels I can have.  But I'm not sure I can finish the whole bag.  And I don't know whether to eat the sticks or the twists. But I'm really hungry.  And I have art club after school that I want to stay for. And then I'll be really, really hungry."

I cut her off before she got too worked up, "O.k.  Look at the label for the twists...they're probably easier to count than the sticks.  How many carbs in a bag?"


"How many pretzels are in it up and count as best as you can."

"Looks like about 20."

"Ok...well take them and eat what you can and come back and bolus 1 for every pretzel. That should be close enough."


"I'm glad you're hungry!  And make sure you say thank you for the pretzels."


At 11:20, the phone rang again.  School.  "Mrs. Osborne, everything's ok. In fact, I thought I'd call with good news for a change...she finished the pretzels.  I'm so glad she's getting her appetite back."

Me too.  And thankful for the nurse's support, and for how nice her friends have been keeping her company on her many treks to the nurse's office during these first weeks of school.

My wish to provide a balanced brunch snack-like meal which can fill her up is complicated by her aversion to 'cold cheese,' and her wanting to lunch with three friends who are allergic to peanuts. This week we're trying yogurt tube + grapes + crackers or pretzels.  I still contend the cafeteria should serve eggs and toast. 



  1. Stonyfield Farm strawberry probiotic smoothies have been acceptable here this week. I realize every choosy eater is different, but this is what I've got.

    Also: graham crackers with almond butter?

    1. Trying crackers and sunflower seed butter this week - it's a completely nut-free cafeteria table. She might like smoothies...will keep that in mind.


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