Take the Cookie or Else

We have a commercial bakery outlet near our home and will occasionally stop there, particularly when we need to bring large quantities of cookies or donut holes to school or girl scout events. 

This story takes place a long time ago, when my daughter was no older than 4.  It was before 10 a.m., and we stopped there to buy bread.  There was an open box of chocolate chip cookies on the counter.

"Take a cookie, sweetie," the cashier said, motioning to the box. 

"No, thank you," my daughter politely replied. I've become a bit more flexible over the years since then, but at that point she knew she wasn't having a cookie at 9:45 a.m. on top of her morning snack and her usual high-ish mid-morning blood sugar.

"Are you sure, honey?  I could open the oatmeal ones instead."

She shook her head, so strong in the face of temptation.

"How about a donut hole?"

Really?  But my child stood firm.

"Well, then take this box of cookies for later...is that o.k., mom?"

My combined Scottish and New England roots could not refuse the offer of a free box of cookies, so we took them.  She enjoyed a few after dinner in the coming week, as did the rest of us.

To this day, six years later, the same thing happens nearly every time we drive past the store.  My daughter incredulously says, "Mommy, do you remember when the lady gave me a whole box of cookies?"

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