Pizza and Hot Dogs and Ice Cream, Oh My!

It's currently party season in our little neck of the woods.

In the past two weeks there have been exactly three days when my daughter did not eat pizza or ice cream or a hot dog.  With maybe a bagel thrown in for good measure.  Or a piece of cake.

Birthdays, Father's Day, cookouts, end of softball celebrations, end of girl scouts celebrations, end of school celebrations,'s endless!

These are not diabetes' favorite food groups.  Fat + simple carbs usually = very high blood sugars for my child.  We try some tricks with the pump which sometimes help, but her body would be happier with grilled chicken, a nice salad and some brown rice.

Yet somehow, maybe because she's been going at break-neck speed at all of these events, there have been few blood sugar disasters in this mix.  Perhaps it's a phenomenon similar to the 'vacation mystery' we encounter.  We're being precise and proactive about counting the carbs.  Then she runs around the party they're served at at a much more active pace than usual.  So it somehow balances out.

Once the end of the school year pace slows down, the eating will follow suit.  We'll resume a healthier and more diverse menu with the occasional fun diversions.  Unfortunately when the pizza is combined with a sedentary summer afternoon at home, those unpleasant high blood sugars will once again accompany it.

As always, we'll try our best to keep the high blood sugars at by. But really, I'd do anything at this point for a sedentary afternoon at home!

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  1. My daughter is type 1, she likes hot dogs and sausage. How do I know when its too much.


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