The Excuse

A second in an occasional series reflecting on the occasional positives which come with diabetes:

Today was a the 80th anniversary of my daughter's elementary school.  Students, alumni, staff alumni and parents were invited to a celebration.  It kicked off on the lawn with the high school band marching a block down the hill from their building to play a patriotic song after the students saluted the flag.  The high school jazz choir sang next. Everyone was then escorted inside with the band processing in last down the aisles and playing two more pieces on the stage.

Retired faculty were introduced.  Students were invited up to share 80 ways the school is special.  The jazz choir performed again.  Alumni staff shared their favorite memories of the school.  Students shared facts about the school's namesake.  The third and fourth grade chorus performed.  Current staff read letters from former staff who could not be at the event.

Bored yet?  I, for one, figured it was time to get going when down the aisle bops my daughter.  "I have to go get my snack," she happily said.  I walked her to the nurse and gave her a hug.

"I think I'll take my time coming back," she said. 

I'm sure there were some fun moments to come, like my daughter's best friend's interview with her mom who went to the school in the "olden days," and singing the school "sound off" and the school cheer.  But if you ask me, she was lucky to have an excuse to get out of there for a while!

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