You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I was dreading going clothes shopping.  I was certain we'd find no shorts or capri pants with pockets.  Or that any we found would have strange words scrawled across the bottom.  I was convinced the capri pants would be long enough to be regular pants.  The shorts would fall down as soon as the insulin pump landed in the pocket.

Maybe it was the good vibes sent by those of you reading, or some sort of weird reverse jinx I put on myself by writing about it, but it turns out that pockets are plentiful this spring.   In most stores, there were choices with pockets, and many of them even fit!  We hit good sales, and came home with several pairs of shorts and capri pants.  I'm certain she'll have more choices this summer than ever before.  We ran out of time to shop before we ran out of choices.  I'm not dreading the return trip nearly as much.

As we drove home, discussing our impressive haul, my daughter said, "Maybe the people who make clothes realized that some kids need a place to put their insulin pump." 

I wish she was right.  It's one of many things I wish people would realize about the challenges of living with diabetes.

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