A Letter

We received a letter in the mail the other day about a health insurance claim.

"The claim is on hold. It's important that we hear back from you within 45 days or we may not be able to process the claim," the letter read. Before this particular claim could be processed, our insurance company needed to know if my daughter was covered by any other health insurance plans.

I assumed that this claim was for insulin pump supplies or Dexcom sensors; for some very expensive diabetes-related claim.  Those seemed like the types of things which would suddenly flag her file requiring a double-check that nobody else might be in the position to foot the bill.

Nope. The big bill flagged for possible nonpayment? My daughter's flu shot.

I had a surprisingly quick phone "conversation" with an automated computer lady during which I was able confirm with her (it?) that my daughter has no other health insurance coverage. Now her five minute visit for a basic flu shot will be covered.

Presumably so will the next round of very expensive diabetes supplies.

It's November...Diabetes Awareness Month! My plan for this month involves stories. Simple, everyday, real-life stories about living with diabetes. I plan to tell them here as narratives, like this one, just snippets of a day with diabetes, and I plan to tell them, or stories like them, more often in the 'real world' this month when friends ask, 'How's it going,' or relatives ask what I've been up to.  

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