Just Another Morning

6:15     Teen crawls out of bed later than is ideal. Finds nondairy yogurt, granola, berries.

6:18      Checks blood sugar. Programs breakfast bolus.

6:19      Discovers pump's insulin cartridge is almost empty after bolus. Implores mother to fill
             a new one.

6:20      Mother inhales cheerios, chugs coffee, gets dressed, packs lunch.

6:40      Mother listens to stream of consciousness commentary on teen's outfit, hair, and tonight's
             potential homework while filling an insulin cartridge and priming the pump.

6:59      Teen is delivered to school.

7:26      Text: 'I forgot Dexi.'

7:27      Text: 'Unless you put it in my bag?'

7:45      Mother (belatedly) texts back:  'Nope. It's here on the kitchen counter.'

7:47      Text: 'Oh well.'

7:55      Text: 'You wouldn't drop it off for me would you?'

7:56      Mother takes deep breath and decides that, yes, she would (and should) drop it off.

7:57      Text: 'I'll drop it off by 8:15.'

8:13      Mother arrives at school. Mother who is usually happy that school is secured as tightly as
             Fort Knox is not happy today. Mother is buzzed into vestibule with table on which to leave
             forgotten items for kids to pick up. Mother is uncomfortably holding Dexcom thinking, 'I'm
             not so sure about leaving this here' a when kind secretary appears behind large (bulletproof?)
             window in vestibule.

8:15      Mother says, 'Hi. This is a medical device- I'm not sure I want to just leave it here. My
             daughter knows it's coming and will pick it up between periods.'

8:16      Kind secretary says, 'Here- let me take it. I'll give it to the nurse.' Secretary jimmies open
             a pass-through slot like one might find at a shady check-cashing joint, and takes Dexi.

8:17      Mother thanks secretary and leaves.

8:18      Text: 'Gave Dexi to secretary who will give to the nurse.'

8:50      Text: 'Ok I will go grab it now.'

9:29      Proof arrives, in form of blaring cell phone alarm, that teen is in possession of Dexcom: 

9:42     Text: 'I'm low so I'm not playing gym.'
And so on and so forth...

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