Each performer was assigned a number for the two-part high school musical auditions. There were dozens of kids auditioning, and the directors are new to the school so it wasn't just the freshmen they didn't know yet. They needed a system to track everyone.
For the singing auditions on the first afternoon, the kids could just hold onto their numbers and report them when they individually entered the audition room.
On day two, the audition involved learning a dance routine all together on the stage and then performing it in groups of 8. The numbers had to be attached to the performers. While some kids struggled with tape and others scavenged safety pins, my kid had a built in solution.
She fastened her number through the snap of her Dexcom case. It was visible at waist level throughout the audition and was still attached when she arrived home:
Love these once in a blue moon moments when having diabetes comes in handy.

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