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Tips and Tricks - Friday 5/20 Let's round out the week by sharing our best diabetes tips and diabetes tricks. From how you organize supplies to how you manage gear on the go/vacation (beach, or skiing, or whatever). From how you keep track of prescription numbers to how you remember to get your orders refilled. How about any “unconventional” diabetes practices, or ways to make diabetes work for YOU (not necessarily how the doctors say to do it!). There's always something we can learn from each other. (Remember though, please no medical advice or dangerous suggestions.)

I love this stuff.

We order it, of course, to remove the tape and its residue from my daughter's pump sites.  I love, of course, that it helps dissolve the adhesive and makes taking off pump site tape a little less painful than ripping off a stubborn Band-Aid.  But I love it for other reasons too.

There was a day, many many years ago, when I couldn't get the price-tag gunk off of a very nice piece of glassware I was giving as a gift.  Rubbing alcohol didn't work.  Neither did mineral oil.  What could I use?  Well, there was something in the site change supply box that seemed to remove stickers from my kid's body with amazing ease. One Uni-solve wipe and you would have never know that vase had ever had a price tag on it at all.

That was the beginning of a long love affair.  In addition to countless other price tags, Uni-solve has also removed

-temporary tattoos- even the stubborn ones- instantaneously. 

-a substance called 'spirit gum,' used to attach a beard when my daughter played a rabbi on stage.

-permanent marker from our windshield after a weekly beach pass was attached before the ink dried.

-adhesive leftovers from many other friends' and family members' hospital experiences.

-pine sap from fingers, feet and flip flops

-gum residue from shoes

Uni-solve is one of the happy little discoveries diabetes brought into our lives.  It's like having a secret weapon; a tool most people don't even know exists. With all the reasons diabetes makes us feel challenged and put-upon, this stuff is our little reward.

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  1. Ah interesting! I'll have to give it a try sometime! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I have so many of these---I can't wait to try. Thanks!

  3. Cool! Where do you buy it? At your local pharmacy?

    1. We order it with our pump supplies- our insurance gives us a tiny discount that way- but Amazon always suggests it to me when I order flexi-fix tape for the Dexcom there! Don't know if a local pharmacy would carry- I've never seen it at ours.

  4. You know how sometimes when you spray sunscreen and it gets all over Crocs or flip flops, and they look like they are covered in a million tiny white spots. Unisolve removes them beautifully. It's a wonder product.


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