The meter asked nicely first, on Sunday if I recall correctly.  "Replace meter batteries soon." Or some similar request accompanied by a gentle, high pitched 'beep beep.'  It asks for new batteries periodically, and thus far we've always replaced them by the third or fourth reminder.

But we didn't. We had all kinds of excuses. We were out to dinner. The batteries were in the basement.  The phone was ringing. It was bedtime.  I'd do it after the getting to school chaos had ended.  We were about to sit down to eat. 

So today, it decided we needed stronger words:

This message was still accompanied by the gentle 'beep beep,'
though it reads like it should be accompanied by a blaring horn.

We've never ignored the gentle reminder long enough to get yelled at like this before. It worked, of course.  The batteries are changed and things are back to normal.  Sometimes we just need to be spoken to in no uncertain terms.

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