I'm going to take a little liberty along the time-space continuum and continue Thanksgiving weekend one more day. While we traveled this weekend, I was reminded how thankful I am for support along our diabetes journey from our family and friends. We were very fortunate to spend the weekend with people who are concerned and interested in a helpful way when it comes to my daughter's diabetes. I'd like to share one example of the kind of friendship I feel very blessed to have enjoyed.

We visited a couple this weekend with whom we've been friends since long before we had children. They and their 2 kids are great people and there are many reasons we enjoy their company and friendship.  As I think of so many people with diabetes who spent this past weekend surrounded by family and friends who simply don't get the whole diabetes thing, I'm ever more thankful to have these and other people in our lives who do.

These friends were at our hospital bedside after diagnosis, with funny gifts for my tiny daughter and treats and hugs for us.  They were kind enough to feed and shelter my husband for a night during our hospital stay since we'd been helicoptered to a city over an hour from home.  This hospitality allowed him to get some rest, to have a civilized shower and to bring some calm and perspective back to a challenging situation.

When we returned for appointments at the diabetes center where my daughter was diagnosed, we were invariably invited to this home afterwards.  I'd arrive at 4 or so, exhausted from the appointment's conversations and from the travel. I'd have an over-done toddler in my arms who'd just screamed through a blood draw.  We'd be escorted to their great playroom and I'd be handed a glass of wine and asked how things went this time while my daughter was handed an amazingly distracting toy or craft.  My friend would work with me ahead of time to plan a dinner my daughter could enjoy despite the NPH and humalog shots of that era and their related dietary limitations. There were always string beans, my daughter's favorite vegetable- at least when cooked al-dente the way our friend always makes them. Husbands would arrive from work in time for dinner and I'd leave the house relaxed as my daughter dozed on the drive home.

Several years ago, we moved a few hours away and don't see these friends as often.  Yet when we do, they remain concerned and interested in all things diabetes.  They still go out of their way to make their home and meals hospitable to my daughter when we arrive, saving carb counts, stocking seltzer, and asking questions.  We spent a great evening with them last Friday, catching up on all sorts of things.

And, of course, enjoying the string beans.


  1. Yes, having friends who make an effort to make things easier is delightful.

  2. Wow! You are so, so lucky to have such great friends.


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