Snack Time

I hear a lot about teenage boys.  They're always hungry.  You can't keep anything in the house.  Buy out the snack aisle before you even consider inviting their friends over.

What nobody every clued me in to was that the same is apparently also true of teenage girls.  Maybe it doesn't last as long, or maybe I'm encountering a particularly hungry bunch.  But these kids are ravenous.

A bunch of friends came over on a recent half day.  Each one had bought a sandwich or a bagel at one of a couple of eateries on the way home from school.  They sat around our dining room table and ate them. Completely.  It wasn't long ago that I'd have 6 girls here for lunch and there'd be half bagels, large portions of sandwiches or the bulk of the pizza I'd ordered leftover.  On this day, there were napkins and crumbs.

Half an hour later my daughter emerged from the basement playroom (hang out room? rec room?  what do we call it now?).  "I'm bringing down the popcorn chips."

Within half an hour she returned with a bowl containing only a hint of popcorn dust and absconded with over a pound of grapes.

Pretzels were next, enough to fill a large sized salad bowl.  Crumbs and salt covered the bottom half an hour later when it was returned for a refill, and again when it was cleaned up as the girls went home.  Presumably they, like my kid, proceeded to eat full dinners and ask for dessert.

The whole experience felt like a cross between feeding cookie monster and a pack of wolves.  Food disappeared instantaneously.   Crumbs and dust were left in the wake.

The diabetes link in this post, you ask?  It's a challenge to bolus for this kind of grazing.  Up to a year or so ago, I just didn't allow it except at the occasional party.  Snack time involved a bowl, careful counting or measuring cups, and a nice solid bolus.  And on a regular basis, that is still the preferred procedure here.

Somehow, though, she managed to count and bolus enough of her snacks to end up with a very good blood sugar by the time her friends went home and she started asking what was for dinner.

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