As I rolled out of bed this morning, I grabbed Dexi for a peek.

Turns out the signal had been lost for about half an hour, which happens from time to time. It's usually not longer than that, and usually not a big deal.  Per the graph, blood sugars had been been skirting the 80 line for an hour or two before communication was lost.

I wonder if this is physiologically possible?
I got up, and as I walked past my daughter's door, Dexi regained contact. Bzzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzt. Four is not good.  Four bzzzts means under 50. My usual routine of starting the coffee before hauling the 13 year old out of bed was aborted.

I was relieved to easily wake her with a gentle rub on the back and a 'good morning.'

Meter in hand, I wasted no time checking her blood as she began to rouse herself.


Good news, if a bit unexpected.

I fed Dexi the number and followed up with another as she requested (which was close to the first) .

As my daughter put her toast in the toaster, a mere 10 minutes later, more alarms:  bzzzt, bzzzt.


Impossible, I decided.  Clearly, Dexi's in some sort of panic mode at this point and making wild guesses.

"Just let her settle down," I advised.  My daughter actually gave the Dexcom a little pat and told it not to freak out.

By the time we'd finished breakfast, Dexi was reading in the low 100's and her imaginary crisis was over.

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