We Forgot

Scrolling through my facebook feed this morning, I ran across a mention of someone's 'diaversary.'  Which reminded me that yesterday was my daughter's.

Twelve years ago yesterday we were supposed to celebrate Christmas with my husband's family before traveling to my parents' for the holiday itself.  Instead, we found ourselves speeding to the emergency room at sunrise, taking a helicopter trip to the Children's Hospital by noon, and spending  the night in a hospital crib in the pediatric ICU.  We spent 6 days in the hospital, including Christmas.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas at home, so that we may more easily travel to the other half of the family for the actual day.  So immersed were we in those preparations and festivities that the significance of the date never even crossed my mind.

It's an age-old question in the diabetes community: 'Do you celebrate your diaversary, and how?'  We've never celebrated, per se, but we usually talk about it.  We talk about the day's chain of events, which remains amazing all these years later.  We talk about the people who visited us, and reached out to us, while we were in the hospital.  We talk about how great Santa was to us that year.  We talk about the years that have passed since then and all the good things they've brought.  We've become more well informed.  Technology has improved.  We've benefited from the help of some great professionals.  My daughter has gone from a helpless baby to a kid who is an active participant in managing her diabetes.

Perhaps these conversations are a celebration of sorts.  By reminiscing, we're lifting up some positive things. We were strong enough to make it through that first day and week.  We were and continue to be surrounded by friends and family who care.  We've learned.  We've sought out and been helped by excellent endocrinology professionals.  My daughter is learning how to eventually take the reins as she continues to live with diabetes.

The season in which this milestone falls never allows much time to reflect- if we remember at all.  But better late than never, tonight at dinner I'll plan to reminisce about just a little bit of the past 12 years' journey.


  1. Congratulations on rocking it for the past 12 years!!! I find as time goes by, I feel less and less like celebrating (especially this year). But I also think that's okay - we each need to do what ever feels right. And taking some moments at dinner to reminisce sounds perfect.

  2. Echoing Karen's congratulations!

    It IS a strange question, isn't it? I'm not sure I'd call it celebrating, but I definitely try to take time to acknowledge and recognize the hard work and effort I've put in over the past year, and all I've learned and experienced along the way.

    And I'll, again, echo Karen in that each of us doing whatever feels right is the best thing to do, and that reminiscing does sound perfect. :-)


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