A Minor Miracle

AFTER Calibration!!!

Maybe once a month we get a perfect match between the glucometer reading and the dexcom.  It's always very exciting and everyone in the house is summoned to see it with their own eyes.

On occasion these matchy moments occur at the same time the dexcom needs to be calibrated.  In the past, every single time we've entered a meter number that matches the dexcom's number we've been left shaking our heads.  Without fail, Dexi will decide my daughter's blood sugar is not exactly the matchy number at all, but one just one or seventeen points in one direction or the other.  

For this and other reasons, Dexi's strong-mindedness has become a running joke in our family.  

This morning, I was summoned to view the breakfast numbers- which were a little higher than I'd like but did indeed match.  I then stayed to watch as the dexcom calibration took place, waiting to see what whimsical number Dexi would decide was the real one.  

"Mom...look...she actually agreed!"

"Wow...maybe she's mellowing out."

Probably she's just thinking up some other way to torture us later on.

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