All day: confusion.

Check: 115.  Dexi:  250.

Check:  287.  Dexi:  140.

Lots of  'Recheck...that doesn't make sense.'

And 'Really...that's what it says.'

All day.

It probably didn't help that we left Dexi home for an errand outing.  Or that we went to the pool.  She finds that very confusing. Always.

Yet from dawn to dusk, nobody could agree.

Beditme was the most bewildering.

Check:  270.  Dexi:  240.  We thought there had finally been a meeting of the minds.  A small correction was given and some reading began.

Fifteen minutes later, Dexi asked for more blood.

Check:  138.  Dexi:  still 240.  I thought we were in for a long night for sure.

But by 10, the anticipated low had not occurred and did not occur all night.  Dexi and the meter had kissed and made up.  Today, they were all in they'd been together forever.

Technology is great.  We really love it and are grateful for all the help it gives us in managing diabetes every day.  But please visit  Sometimes things to awry.  They shouldn't.

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  1. Our Dex has been so, so, so right on for a few days. I am dreading changing a n y t h i n g.


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