Sippy Cups

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Despite our attempts to keep it on the QT, most of my daughter's friends know that despite being 12 years old she sometimes drinks out of a sippy cup:

The lids are long gone, replaced by fun straws.  The spill-proof aspect is no longer (usually) the important part.  We keep them around for the numbers down the side.  They allow us to measure how many ounces of juice she is drinking when she is low.

On the go and at school, it's Elmo or Clifford juice boxes all the way.  But my daughter really likes orange juice, so when she's low at home, that's her preference.  Enter the sippy cup.  We can measure varying amounts based on her blood sugar number right into the cup she'll drink it from.

It's strange to still have sippy cups around, and will be stranger still when she takes them to college with her, but measuring juice quickly and accurately is great when we're in hurry to bring that blood sugar up.


  1. I'm 24 years old and you just sold me on the sippy cup....My fiance will probably be questioning that when it appears in the house XD

  2. Sippy cups have measurements marked on the side? I had no idea! I am totally buying myself a sippy cup next time I go to Target. Thank you for the great tip!!

  3. Awesome tip! I will have to see if my 10 y/o will go for this. I sometimes use canning jars for this reason, the smaller jelly jar style have the markings on the side too.

  4. The big ones go higher (if you haven't shopped sippy cups in a while)! :) My daughter is now 13 and refusing to use a sippy cup for the last couple of years but at first they were priceless! How are you supposed to know how much milk your d-child drank when the younger one just knocked her glass over?

  5. We never had such magnificent sippy cups!
    A lot of our jam jars (Ball jars) have measurements on the sides, and we have sippy cup lids (Cuppows) for them, but it never, ever crossed my mind that these markings could be used to actually *measure* someone's beverage.

    For what it's worth, I rate your hack brilliant!

  6. Umm... that's awesome! I wonder if I would get funny looks as a 30-something single woman buying some for myself?!


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