The Junior Mints

"So," she admitted, "we stopped at the store on the way home.  I had 50 cents, and I was tired of glucose tabs."

She'd been hovering between definitively low and low-ish all day.  A couple of juice boxes, a half-bolused lunch and half a roll of glucose tabs later she texted me before walking home.  "78!"

Knowing she had no snack with her, I suggested a couple more glucose tabs to keep her upright until she got home.  She had other ideas.

"They had those little boxes of Junior Mints for 25 cents.  There were 5 in a box.  It seemed perfect.  I hope you're not mad."

"It seems to have turned out well...your blood sugar is perfect now.  Did you enjoy them?"

"Yeah. But then I was looking at something and I spilled 3 of them.  I still had 25 cents so I went back in the store and got another box.  I ended up eating 7 of them altogether."

Seinfeld got it just right.  Junior mints are easy to spill, very refreshing, and might even contain curative properties.


  1. Love this!!!!! I get tired of glucose tablets too. But I'm always in the mood for Junior Mints. (And for Seinfeld too.)

  2. You're so funny. I was just thinking about this episode. I had my gallbladder removed a few weeks ago and felt certain they'd left a small, minty souvenir behind. (It has since been absorbed.)


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