Daylight Savings!

Tonight brings daylight savings time.  Below I've revisited a post recapping a previous year's experience:

Along with most of the clocks in the house, my daughter’s pump clock got set ahead one hour this weekend. Others with diabetes tell me this hour time change poses no problem for them. Somehow, it throws us for a loop every time.
At 2 a.m., under the watchful eyes of many webkinz, I rolled my daughter around until I could find the pump, wondered how this didn’t wake her up, and changed the time. Her blood sugar was perfect.
We saw perfect again once or twice on Sunday, but also saw 315 and 47. From experience, I know consistency will return in a couple of days. We may need to do some minor tweaking of basal rates, but essentially things will work themselves out once her body clock catches up with the pump clock.
Meanwhile, calls will come in from school, many extra test strips will be used, and juice boxes will be at the ready. We’ll consider this a secret inside peek at how our bodies adjust to this semi-annual time change, and be glad that the next time it happens, we’ll get an extra hour of sleep to help us cope with the consequences!

Falling back doesn't seem to be an issue, but somehow springing ahead gets her every time.   Another diabetes mystery.

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