Time Capsule

The premise:  Two (perhaps not so bright) young men discover a time capsule in 2112.

"Yikes! What IS this stuff?"

"Wow...I have no idea.  Horrible."

"Yeah.  You know, there were all those terrorist plots back then, remember?"

"Maybe that's it.  Looks terrifying to me."

"Suppose they planned to implant these in people with the needle-things?"

"That's what it looks like, and then give them some kind of poison with the machine, maybe."

"But what are these other pointy things?  And this container rattles.  Wait...it opens.  Let's look."

"Little strips of some kind.  Do they go in that other machine?"

"Yeah, look.  They fit."

"Wait a minute.  I think we've got it wrong.  I remember my grandmother telling me about some sickness she had until she was in her twenties.  She called it diabetes. She used to talk about having to poke her finger to get blood like 10 times every day.  And she wore a machine around all the time.  Before they cured it, that's all that kept her alive."

"Wow.  That's rough.  I'm glad they figured out how to cure it."

"Yeah.  Me too.  My grandma was a great lady.  I'm glad she didn't have to live her whole life dealing with all of this scary stuff."

"What should we do with it?"

"I say we bury it again.  Who would want to be reminded of a time when people had to use all of this dangerous-looking junk just to stay alive?"

This idea came from WEGO Health which sponsors a health blog marathon, encouraging a daily post for the month of April.  While a daily post is beyond my stamina at this point, the website does encourage me to use the prompts anyway, and this one struck my fancy!

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