Last night's dinner number was 218, and I was unhappy. 

Three weeks ago,  I would have been relieved.  " least it doesn't start with a three," I might have muttered to myself as I corrected it.  Or, "At least that's better than most of the numbers we saw today."

Apparently, things are looking up.  There's certainly been a lot of hard work involved.  There have been sleepless nights.  I've spent long intervals staring at log book numbers and meter averages. Tweaking and re-tweaking have occurred. Yet somehow the end result of it all snuck up on me.

It happened slowly, but there's evidence things have improved. Looking back on the week, I realize I haven't talked to a school nurse once.  We used juice boxes which had been collecting dust in the pantry.  The log book is filled with numbers which begin with one. 

Unfortunately, I know things are better just for now.  For all I know, tomorrow will throw random 300's at us again.  The upcoming school vacation days will certainly send us off course a bit.  I'll know, though, that I was recently unpleasantly surprised by a 218, and that it's possible to get to that point again.

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