Walking Again

Our family is walking in this year’s Walk To Cure Diabetes on Sunday, October 2nd.  We’re dedicating this one day to our daughter and the many kids like her because for them, diabetes is every day.

 Our daughter has had diabetes every day since December 21, 2002. Every day, she pokes a finger 8 or 10 times to test her blood sugar level.  Every day, she wears her pump which is continuously giving her the life-sustaining insulin most of us make easily on our own.   Every day, before she eats, she stops for a math exercise in which she adds up the number of grams of carbohydrate in her meal.  Every day, before she takes a walk or plays outside, she stops to consider whether she needs to adjust her pump or have a snack to prevent a low blood sugar reaction.   Every day, she carries a glucometer, a juice box, and an emergency kit with her wherever she goes.  Every day, her parents sent an alarm clock for a middle of the night blood sugar check in case dangerous low or high blood sugars need to be taken care of.  Every day, we worry about diabetes.

 We’re dedicating this day to our daughter with the belief that some day will be the last day for diabetes.  JDRF is an organization which was founded by parents and which has become the leader in research on Type 1 Diabetes.  We continue to believe their claim that the day is in sight when people will live without the day-to-day responsibilities and anxieties of diabetes. 

This letter went out to our friends and family asking for their support of JDRF, in honor of our daughter.  Some walk with us every year.  Others donate.  Some can do neither, but are generous with hugs and kind words.  All help us maintain our hope that a cure will come some day.

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