Field Day

Every day requires a note to the nurse, and some days require a note to the teacher.  But I reserve the BIG paper for field day.  They will each get a full page this week. 

Dear Mrs. Teacher,

Although the class is not having morning snack today, please make sure my daughter maintains her regular schedule and goes to the nurse’s office by 10:15 to test and eat.  As a reminder, more exercise than usual can result in low blood sugar, so please encourage her to check if she’s showing any low blood sugar symptoms.  Please make sure she brings her “emergency bag” with her meter and juice box outside onto the field, and that she remembers she can use it if she feels “funny.”  If she is low outside, please make sure she drinks the juice box.  When she then goes inside to the nurse, please send someone with her.  For the PTA treat, please read the popsicle box and make sure they are the sugar-free ice pops with 4 carbs as planned.  If they are, she may eat one without testing.  If they are not, please send her to the nurse with the box.  Thank you!

Dear Mrs. Nurse,

Snack has 12 carbs.  If she’s under 130, please don’t cover the snack.  If she’s under 180, please cover the snack, but don’t add the bg.  Please remind her to drink lots of water since it will be so hot and her blood sugar will skyrocket if she gets dehydrated.  She may have one of the sugar-free ice pops without another visit to you.  If there are any additional treats, please give me a call.  Thanks.

What I didn’t add to either was this:

p.s.  I realize that you, Mrs. Teacher, have 26 kids to supervise and cheer for outside on a big field full of hundreds of running children.  I realize that you, Mrs. Nurse, will have a steady stream of field day injuries, asthma sufferers, and heat-stroke patients through your office today.  Please, however, keep one eye on my daughter to make sure she’s safe.  The other eye should be sufficient for the rest of the kids.

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